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Cargo Office has proven to be an effective, easy to use system that has saved many companies time and money. Below are just some of the many ways it can help you now.

Reduced work load

Instantly reduce the manual processes your staff currently undertake, freeing them to perform more productive and proactive tasks. Increase your businesses efficiency, allowing you to take on more work with the same staff levels.

Instant Communication

Your driver has just picked up an order; automatically send an SMS or email to your customer, letting them know. Just delivered the order; the customer now has a signed POD sitting in their inbox (along with your invoice!)

Continuous Improvement

We continuously upgrade our software and infrastructure so you don't have to. By doing this we boost performance, maintain reliability and responsiveness and improve functionality. Never have to worry about performing system upgrades or worse yet having to pay more to get them.

Electronic Documentation

Save money by no longer needing expensive carbon(less) duplicate forms and even reduce the amount of normal paper you are using all together. No more lost documents or waiting for faxes, your customers can upload all their documents straight to the system, keeping them all in one, easy to find, location.

Technology Boost

Larger competitors could be spending tens of thousands of dollars on developing technology and infrastructure. Compete with them at a fraction of the cost by offering your customers similar technology like online order entry, track and trace and sign on glass.